Paging Dr. Strangelove

This is the only evidence I've seen so far that the Soviets used nukes to plug wells. It is, uh. Just slightly less than completely compelling. (Goes boom at 2:53).

I was confused about why people keep harping on nukes when there are conventional weapons that are almost as powerful, and could do just as good a job of converting what might merely be a civilization-ender into a mass extinction event.

But, oh good, here it comes.

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Stem-Cell Tourism

Stem-Cell Tourism: Adventures at the Fringes of Experimental Medicine
Regenocyte presented an enticing alternative. Its glossy brochures and the effusive patient testimonials on its Web site offered hope that stem-cell therapy could not only keep her condition from getting worse but return her to her old self. If regenerative stem cells could help others, Velline reasoned, why couldn't they help her too? As far as she was concerned, waiting years for the government to put its official seal of approval on the procedure wasn't an option. She was dying.
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