Talibannosaurus Rex

"Jihad Just Got Jurassic"

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8 Responses:

  1. node says:

    If they can make Machete after the fake trailer, maybe they can make this too!

  2. logic_lj says:

    Now available as a Half-Life 2 mod.

  3. pavel_lishin says:

    The worst part is that this doesn't actually exist. :(

  4. SO SAD that this is not real!

  5. blacklion says:

    Oh yes, Russian "jeep" UAZ (Ulyanovsky Auto Zavod / Ulanovsky Car Plant), adapted for hot climate :)
    Possibly UAZ-469 or, may be, new modification UAZ Hunter :)

    True 4x4 with huge clearance, and horrible quality and ergonomics :)

  6. jwm says:

    I like the way the protagonist has his left hand on the arse of the women and a left hand holding a pistol. Nice B-grade movie poster touch :-)