Michael J. Fox has a lot to answer for here.

"We're not... uh... to be feared?"

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20 Responses:

  1. buz says:

    Better song: "I Wanna Be Your Dog"

    • strspn says:

      This is why local newsroom crews who get together to try to have fun have more power to shape society than most government institutions.

  2. azul_ros says:

    How long before South Park make fun of this trend?

  3. rane500 says:

    I kept desperately hoping to see an Onion News Network logo, and it makes me die a little inside that I didn't.

  4. antabakalj says:

    Please leave Michael out of this, those peeps are too young to know him.

    I put the blame squarely on Miss Meyer...

  5. anktastic says:

    But have they been vaccinated for rabies?

  6. rmjwell says:

    MJF already has no Elvis in him; you want to blame him for this, too?

  7. novadrome says:

    Really? A Mojo Nixon reference? Really? Awesome!

  8. lionsphil says:

    "We're not a gang at all. Like, gangs are posers, they just want attention."

    Oh, right, that's why you're walking around with a FUCKING TAIL hanging out of your pants then.

    Still, at least they're not slicing themselves up and moping.

  9. mcity says:

    It's kind of a shame everyone used up their jokes about werewolves and mummies on Twilight.

  10. takeapeek says:

    This is a serious case of Gingersnap, lol!!