I would like to revise and extend my previous statement.

To my eternal horror, I made a ridiculous oversight in mixtape 089, in that I somehow managed to leave off the the most important new song with which I had been fully intending to lead it off. You may recall my recent unseemly fanboy squee at the notion that there might soon be new Cabaret Voltaire material from one Richard Kirk.

Well, on the heels of that news comes (arguably) new (arguably) Cabaret Voltaire material involving one Stephen Mallinder.

Is the world really ready for Dueling Cabs?

So. I've updated the mixtape.

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4 Responses:

  1. ammutbite says:

    fascinating. that's the second time Billie Ray has done a decent job of covering classic industrial.
    Check out her version of TG's "Persuasion"

  2. ultranurd says:

    The making-of video for "Valentino" kinda ruins the visual trick, but still nifty to see how they did it.

    Somehow I accidentally got an invisible player playing "Tea Party" about a minute out-of-sync with itself, and it still worked. Kind of a canon/round effect. Also from that video, I'm curious where the apparent-from-the-mixtapes trend in super-stylized French Revolution era costumes comes from?

    I'm amused that a clip of "Ministry of Silly Walks" got into the Mightiness video. I liked the song as well.

  3. lafinjack says:

    jwz has altered the mixtape.

    Pray he does not alter it any further.