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DNA Lounge update, wherein your confusion confuses me.

"Expert witnesses told the hearing there were no acupuncture points in the vagina."

"He needed to touch an internal acupuncture pressure point to treat her hormone imbalance."
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Dali Clock 2.34

Dali Clock 2.34 is in the iPhone store now.

When docked, the phone's screen stays on so that it works as a desktop clock. It also briefly displays the date every minute or so. Orienatation changes are less twitchy on iPads. A couple of other minor fixes.

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I will now be the thousandth person to show you the Aggressive Autonomous Quadrotor.

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A better view of that awesome Emperor Norton statue at Comstock.


Previously, previously, previously, previously.

also, I was previously unaware of The Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus: The Clamper flag was a hoop skirt, with the words "This is the flag we fight under."


Praise Norton.

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Head and neck injury risks in heavy metal

British Medical Journal
Objective To investigate the risks of mild traumatic brain injury and neck injury associated with head banging, a popular dance form accompanying heavy metal music.

Design Observational studies, focus group, and biomechanical analysis.

Participants Head bangers.

Main outcome measures Head Injury Criterion and Neck Injury Criterion were derived for head banging styles and both popular heavy metal songs and easy listening music controls.

Results An average head banging song has a tempo of about 146 beats per minute, which is predicted to cause mild head injury when the range of motion is greater than 75°. At higher tempos and greater ranges of motion there is a risk of neck injury.

Conclusion To minimise the risk of head and neck injury, head bangers should decrease their range of head and neck motion, head bang to slower tempo songs by replacing heavy metal with adult oriented rock, only head bang to every second beat, or use personal protective equipment.

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dnalounge update

DNA Lounge update, wherein we are a beacon in the darkness.

Michael J. Fox has a lot to answer for here.

"We're not... uh... to be feared?"

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Decency group calls $#*! indecent too

"The Parents Television Council will wage an unrelenting campaign against every network advertiser that chooses to support this program; and in this instance, we will wage an unrelenting campaign against every local advertiser sponsoring the program at the affiliate station level," Winter warns. "We will challenge the broadcast license of every network affiliate that chooses to air the program before 10 pm or that chooses to air a promotion of the program before 10 pm."
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