workin' on new stickers...

I'm working on some new DNA Lounge stickers. We're running low on the old stickers, and it's about time: I'm pretty sure we only ever ordered the one batch of them, back in 2001. We must have gotten a shit-ton of them. I'm glad they're almost gone, because the printer screwed up the aspect ratio and the inner rim of the grommet isn't circular, which annoys me every single time I look at one of them.

So, I can't decide between these three. I've tried a few other variants, but I think these are what I like best. (They are slightly different widths because of the different margins required.) Which is your favorite? I'll probably only print one variety.

Also, I was thinking of doing one like this, printed on transparent stock, and sized so that when you put it on a Mac laptop, it fits inside of the Apple logo, and the DNA logo will glow instead. It's a little small, but it has to be to fit over the logo properly, and still be centered:

Of course that's dependent on the black and green inks on transparent stock being dark enough to block the rest of the light. I'm not sure that it is. Anyone ever tried it?

Also, can anyone verify that Apple always uses the same size of light-up apple?

Also, who's your favorite sticker printer?

I hope I can get glow-in-the-dark ink.

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40 Responses:

  1. nidea says:

    fave=#1, then #3, then #2.

    Can't answer the rest but I think the over-Apple idea is great.

  2. curgoth says:

    I like #2, then #1. The white in #3 doesn't work for me.

  3. carrieaki says:

    i like 1 and 2 the best/ not the white text one

  4. sol3 says:

    I have the Stupid should hurt sticker centered over my apple on my MBP - and the black does a good job of blocking enough of the light so that the letters stand out. If you get really close to it, you can make out the glow of the apple behind it.

    I don't believe those stickers use transparent stock. I'll try to get a picture of it in a bit.

  5. g_na says:

    I've used 123 Stickers at least twice and they've done a great job for not very much money.

  6. dasht says:

    #1 looks like something that happened. #2 look like somebody made something "edgy".

    Lose the Apple.

  7. pvck says:

    The red on the noisebridge stickers doesn't really block the light very well, in the dark I wind up with this noisebridge/apple combo shape thing. Come up to the booth next DG and see what it looks like. Or, you know, you can probably see it glowing just fine from down on the floor.

    Also, 1 is my favorite, I definitely don't like 3. The white and green is too busy.

  8. djquack says:

    I like the first sticker the best.

  9. endico says:

    I like the top one best, then the second and dislike the third.

    You might have less opacity problems on the last one if you swap the colors because then most of the part covering the apple will be black and also that would contrast more with the apple showing through the transparent part.

  10. wyndebreaker says:

    This thread confirms that at least most of the modern ones have the same sized logos.

    They didn't mention the actual dimensions so I can't confirm that it's the same as my old iBook, but I'm guessing that compatibility with older ones isn't really a concern.

  11. jayp39 says:

    I like the 2nd sticker best, 1st sticker is almost as good IMO, and do not like the third one at all.

  12. azul_ros says:

    My vote is for the black print over the green background. The Mac-specific idea is cool.

  13. fo0bar says:

    I like #1, followed by #2, and don't really care for #3.

    I've used Sticker Guy several times before and can't complain about the quality, though I've only ever done black on white designs. The lead time for new layouts can be many weeks, but reorders tend to be done much quicker. They're also local for me, coincidentally.

  14. rane500 says:

    text is my favorite.

  15. arakyd says:

    text green >>> text black >>>>>>>>>>>>>> text white

  16. i_e_d says:

    I dig the first, the third perhaps if the white were instead transparent stock, so I'd say 1

    • radparker says:

      I like the third the best. I realized it's not perfectly aligned with the colors in the club, but the white will show up best on bumpers and laptops, so I think it makes the most sense.

    • jwz says:

      I played around with a bunch of variants with transparency in them (transparent holes for the letters/glyph, also transparent holes for their backgrounds) and I think that the sad fact is that you can't easily construct an image with a hole in it that works well on both light and dark backgrounds, so it would really end up being "sticker that only looks right if your laptop is black", or the inverse.

  17. revglenn says:

    i know i like 1.
    i can't tell if i really like 3 or really dislike it, which probably means that i'll like it once i get used to it.
    2 i don't care for.

    the apple sticker is an awesome idea.

  18. edge_walker says:

    Count me with the people who like #2 followed closely by #1, and don't like #3. There's something about how the negative space holds together the grommet, and how the backdrop does double duty as a border rather than there being an extra one, along with the size and thickness of the grommet being greatest in #2. IMO overall #2 both looks best and works best for a sticker design.

  19. solarbird says:

    I really dislike nr. 2 because of the way the scratch marks imply that you're scratching off green to expose black which is certainly possible but not how printing (...generally...) works so the fake scratch effect takes a turn into poseurville and I don't like it. It loses contact with the thing that it's imitating. At least, in my head.

    I think there's good idea in nr. 3, I like the idea of three colours, but... I think there's too much white in the DNA square on the left, it makes it too separate-but-stuck-next-to. Maybe a green background, black circle, white DNA would help tie it together again? Or some way of reintroducing the enclosing-line system of nrs. 1 and 2.

    So I think 3 has more potential, but right now, nr. 1 is best, followed by 3, followed by 2 which I really dislike.

    I like the use of the Apple logo as a backlight; you can do what you want but you're gonna have to have some srsly heavy pigmenting. Talk with your printer about YES I DAMN WELL WANT IT OPAQUE and make very, very certain they understand what you're doing to it. If you just let them do their normal thing, it won't work, and you'll have an Apple shape coming through.

  20. djmermaid says:

    I like #2.

    FWIW, my business has purchased custom stickers from sticker guy and sticker robot and both companies have done a great job for us.

  21. jered says:

    I also like #1 the best and think it is the most readable from a distance.

    I'm familiar with offset printing, but don't know what process the sticker guys use so can only speculate here. If the ink is opaque enough, they may be able to print everything but the DNA in black and then layer the green on top of that, which would give you maximal light-blocking. That will depend entirely on the ink however. (You could also do that with the glow-in-the-dark and make it so the logo only appeared in the dark.)

    (BTW, I usually hate it when people share their CAPTCHAs, but "restore boozing" seemed really appropriate for your journal.)

  22. lovingboth says:

    In contrast to most others, I like the #3 best, then #1.

    It is probably just me, but I think the 'transparent sticker for Mac laptops' idea is almost as sad as not sticking something opaque over that glowing logo.

  23. hatter says:

    Not fond of #3, the other two are just different enough in impact it'd be tempted to get a batch of each. As for the apple option, if you can't get examples to test from your printer of choice, I'd invert the colours, so you get the denser black pigment to mask most of the apple. Also looks like you could make it just a shade bigger and totally avoid the left indent and a little more of the top of the apple from impacting the square, reduce leak that way.

    Or plan B - cut vinyl, green overprint on black, supplied with a front film for ease of application.

    the hatter

  24. twiin says:

    Contagious Graphics is who I've used for my vinyl stickers, and they've been fantastic.

  25. lloydwood says:

    for some time I've been mulling over the idea of a circular, translucent sticker, with horizontal bands of colour on it, just to go over the MacBook Apple logo.

    But, can't shape the bands to the Apple logo for obvious copyright reasons, so the effect won't look reasonable on anything but a Blackbook.

    I want my rainbow apple back.

    (captcha: spurt friend. hmmm.)

    • jwz says:

      Someone sells those -- -- but to do it right you have to disassemble the laptop.

      • lloydwood says:

        ...and sand down an insert. The detail in the installation video is more than a little offputting.

        I see that Skinstyler sells an external rainbow logo sticker. Surprising that these companies can get away with using the trademarked logos; I suppose this falls under encouraging goodwill to the brand. But if trademarked logos are fair game... why can't I get a circular translucent DELL sticker to upgrade the glowing Apple logo?

        (captcha: nobleman protect)

        • zapevaj says:

          Actually, this is an Apple peculiarity. Normally a product like this would fall under infringement, but Apple has a really lax fair-use policy. As an example, the company has a blanket policy of approving any film/TV/video/etc uses of their logo (unless, presumably, it's being used to specifically defame Apple or something.)

          This is why the only logo on a computer you will normally see is a Mac logo. Dell, HP, Sony, whoever else, you technically have to get corporate clearance to use thier logo; Apple you don't eve have to ask, they will tell you yes.

          This media policy of theirs is presumably to engender favorable customer attitudes towards the brand, as well as expand the brand's reach. It's obviously worked at least partly, as shown by Skinstyler (who are effectively producing fan-gear for Apple) and the choices of many film/TV propmasters ("screw it, all the college kids get MacBooks, we won't have to clear or greek anything").

  26. Is there a reason your helix appears to twist in the wrong direction?

  27. fantasygoat says:

    I prefer #1.

    As for printing:

    I know the guy personally and he does quality, water-proof work, and since it's screened, glow-in-the-dark should be no problem.

  28. lifftchi says:

    Dug into my pile of ancient hardware. "Onyx" titanium powerbook G4 and "Dual USB" ibook G3 both have 38x48 mm logos, including all protrusions. The logo on the iphone is somewhat smaller. Logo on imac G4 is actually also smaller, and doesn't light up anyway.

  29. holywar says:

    Anyone ever tried it?

    It doesn't work as well as I had hoped (and I'm assuming that wasn't transparent stock to begin with).