The Raven

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  1. dasht says:

    Why doesn't he use his amazing reflective contact lens powers to toss around the police vehicles instead of tossing around dumpsters and cars?

    And, what become of Lenore?

  2. I was expecting the parkour, but not the telekinesis. Interesting.

  3. dolface71 says:

    I liked the cockroach and big, stop-motion robots, the rest of it just kind of made me apathetically angry at the dumbness.

    Also, lat/long? Shouldn't we be using UTMs in the future?

    • wisn says:

      It's got as much plot and character development as the average Michael Bay flick, and gets the job done in a twentieth the time.

      I like these kinds of short films, flaws and all, in part because they usually have a more credible vision of The! Future! than standard Hollywood product.

      But I'm still gonna pick at the flaws.

      • lionsphil says:

        Heck, if films are going to degrade to "here is a concept and some CGI action sequences", I'm absolutely backing the ones which then don't pad it out with an hour of cliche'd dialogue and bad flailing by "stars" who can't even speak clearly, let alone act.

        Anyone know what's happening with "What's in the Box"?

  4. sheilagh says:

    looks like they did it for $5K, for permits, parking, catering and such. The director indicates that it's based on a treatment he wrote for a trilogy.

  5. biggeek says:

    My hopes of the clichè of the screaming, glowing telekinetic buildup would be confined to bad anime has been dashed.

  6. mcity says:

    Dystopian future aside, I don't see how he resembles a writing desk at all.