Say Tweet Again

For the record, I persist in calling them "twits".

If you wanted us to call them "tweets" you should have used "".

Ha ha, sucks to be you.

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15 Responses:

  1. nevalicori says:

    except, y'know, when talking about birds' tweets, the collective form was always `twitter' (e.g., "the birds are all a-twitter"), long before existed.

    "tweeter" OTOH, is just what the French guy I work with calls it...

  2. boyofish says:

    The second one on this list pretty much sums up twitter for me.

  3. kit_kallisti says:

    I fully support use of the past tense "twat" myself.

  4. taskboy3000 says:

    As much as I appreciate you laying down the law, you might be too late to the cultural table on this one.

  5. nathanrsfba says:

    I always figured the term 'twits' should be applied to the people that use twitter.

  6. ctd says:

    Did you find this, as I did, through Gosling's blog?

  7. gfish says:

    "May I suggest to such as are not contented with "Telegraphic Dispatch" the rightly constructed word 'telegrapheme'? I do not want it, but ... I protest against such a barbarism as 'telegram.' " [Richard Shilleto, Cambridge Greek scholar, in the London "Times," Oct. 15, 1857]

  8. fgmr says:

    I figured the people making them were the "twits," and the people referenced with the '@' symbol were the "twats."

    • dse says:

      No, twat(1) would be a command-line utility for twittering at a later scheduled time.

      $ twat 18:30 "d dsevil don't forget your doctor's appointment"
  9. conradkilroy says:

    Twitter is for twits. I strongly agree.


    In 2006, when 'Ghost Ride da Whip' was a cultural oddity, I described the act as reminiscent to when Graham Chapman ran himself over with a car in the Monty Python's Flying Circus sketch, "Upper Class Twit of the Year" [video] (see 2:51).
    Of course that fad died like it should.

    However, I didn't expect years later that Twits would rise up again on the net as another ugly fad, micrbloggers who suck.

  10. derrialbook says:

    hotdogsladies calls them toots which i think is appropriate due to the statistical likelihood that a post to twitter will be as valuable as flatulence.