jwz video mixtape 087

I "officially" stopped making my mixtapes back in April 2009, but then -- oops -- I seem to have continued posting sets of music videos about once a month anyway, so I guess I didn't actually stop, I just slowed down and changed format. So I've gone back and retroactively numbered those video collections, packaged them up into Youtube playlists, and listed them on the mixtapes page as well.

And here is the new one.

Instead of them all being embedded individually one after the other, they're in a single multi-video player. This seems saner to me, though it's somewhat more of a pain in the butt to accomplish.

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8 Responses:

  1. jmtd says:

    On the subject of mixtapes, I was trying to track down the listing of mixtape 014 (this is the sort of thing that we used to refer to as "Industrial") and realised that the older listings are all gone. Do you still have them? Even without the stream they would be educational.

    (uk-topical captcha: 'selfsame elections')

  2. option12 says:

    Awesome is being able to put this on, and just watch/listen, without having to go scroll to the next song every few minutes. The extra work is appreciated!

  3. That's the first of your mix-tapes I've sat through and enjoyed without feeling the need to hit "next track" - though Hell Beach and Ninja didn't do much for me.

    So, thanks for putting that together.

  4. kiskadee says:

    I was hoping you'd get around to posting these this way; much much easier to digest, thanks for putting in the effort.

    • kowh says:

      I concur, I prefer the new format. Worked pretty well for me, apart from the odd timeout resolved by clicking on the pop up playlist entry for the next song.

      The previous way seemed to screw up and repeat videos from time to time, I believe due to LJ being stupid about which embed it serves up.

  5. mavia says:

    I like the video mixtapes. I liked the idea of the audio mixtapes but I'd never take the time to listen to them.

  6. jered says:

    Thanks; I like this more than some of the other recent mixtapes. "Radium Girls" is pretty awesome, and the video for "Flush" is fantastic even though the song is trying a bit too hard. Glass Diamond is new to me, and interesting.