iPhone Safari forgetting passwords

Dear Lazyweb,

Why does the web browser on my iPhone 3gs (3.1.3) keep forgetting my login names/passwords for various web sites (https, basic auth), and how do I fix it?

It seems to remember them for a while, but then it eventually forgets them. After a few days, maybe? It's hard to tell, but it sucks. I want it to remember them forever and always, just like Safari on my desktop does.

Settings / Safari: AutoFill = On, Names & Passwords = On.

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11 Responses:

  1. dr_memory says:

    Will a suggestion for a non-safari workaround get me trepaned?

    • freiheit says:

      Does it involve jailbreaking the phone or waiting forever for app approval that's never coming?

      • dr_memory says:

        Thank god, no and no. Involves an app that already exists and shows no sign of being removed.

        In short: use the internal web browser in the iphone 1password app. (Since it's just a wrapper around mobile webkit, it's steve-approved.) As a bonus, you can sync the password db to 1password on your mac as well.

        Obviously there's a substantial PITA factor to using a separate app for browsing password-protected sites, so maybe this isn't going to be to JWZ's taste, but at least it works consistently and lets you save multiple logins for a single site, which is more than mobilesafari is ever likely to do.

        • jwz says:
            Obviously there's a substantial PITA factor to using a separate app for browsing password-protected sites

          Seriously, fuck that. Fuck it in the ass sideways.

          So no. I already knew you were going to suggest that, and you already knew I was going to insult you for it. So what are we doing here?

          • dr_memory says:

            So what are we doing here?

            Wasting time on the internet while waiting for Apple to acknowledge a UX bug for once in human history?

            (Seriously: sorry, yeah, it's a terrible solution. I'd be just as happy to find one that wasn't, but I'm not holding my breath.)

      • lionsphil says:

        I like how they thoughtfully gave us a list of people to laugh at.

      • So that approval that was never coming? Did.


        To mixed reviews, I might add. Opera's page compression proxy servers that automagically adapt to your current connection speed really do wonders for page load time.

        Page rendering isn't entirely perfect, though. And there are only two zoom levels -- wtf?

        I have no idea how well it manages passwords or accounts, though, haven't had time to test that personally yet.

        • freiheit says:

          I was surprised it actually arrived.

          Given that it effectively ships all your browsing history off to a central site, I'm not likely to try it out, and I rather suspect it doesn't do well with password/account management.

          Maybe the next version.

  2. fo0bar says:

    Might have been a fluke for you; I've never had the option to save basic HTTP auth. They announced saved passwords for iphone OS 3.0 (or 3.1 or something like that), but it seemed it was limited to that crappy guessing.

    Someone else, please prove me wrong.

  3. mhat says:

    It seems to forget everytime Safari crashes or runs low on memory.

    Which is all the fucking time.

  4. hairyears says:


    It would take all day to list the bugs in Safari on the iPhone, and longer still to explain the design flaws - things that work, exactly as the coders intended, but shouldn't.

    No-one in Cupertino ever thought out the reality of mobile browsing beyond the limitations of a small screen: the concepts are entirely unknown. Like, for example, network speed: gotta load everything, every script and every image, no matter what the bit rate is... Or the punitive tariff in a backward country, or when 'roaming' in an advanced one. Want an annoyance? Any page that's set to 'refresh' on access will be dumped when you move back to it inside a building, or on an urban metro system in a tunnel - and you can't disable a specific HTML or script command in Safari the way you can in Opera or Firefox.

    Want a real annoyance, above even a design failure, right up at the strategic level? Apple know Safari on the oPhone's crap: that's why they won't allow a real browser - like Opera Mobile - onto the app store, because of the embarrassment it would cause in Cupertino.