Important vajazzling question.

"What would it be called if you vagazzle with googley eyes instead of crystals?"

Suggestions include: "Vagoogle. iVag. Vag-eyes-na. My Eyes Are Down Here. The Brazilian Potato. The Seeing Eye Muffin."

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13 Responses:

  1. sparklydevil says:

    Fix It With Vag Eyes.

  2. It's "vagoogle." Definitely "vagoogle."

  3. mhoye says:

    The Panopticlam?

  4. intoner says:

    I burst out laughing @ "the brazilian potato"

  5. strangedave says:

    KK Juggy of Australian band Machine Gun Fellation used to do that bit on stage, with a couple of googly eyes at the top of her muff. She referred to it as the Muppet Show, and would play the theme music to go with it.

    I miss that band.

  6. matthewsim says:

    This guy would certainly become more comfortable with these vaginas:

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