How do you say "die in a fire" in Russian?

It turns out that turning off commenting on all of my LJ posts that are older than 60 days has not actually cut down on spam.


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  1. Die in a fire = гори ты огнем. But I strongly recommend using "Отъебись гребанный спаммер".

  2. b_a_t says:

    Say him: Умри, сука! (Die, bitch!)

  3. I don't know how to write it in Cyrillic, but I believe the colloquial equivalent is pronounced "yabay tvaya mach" ("go fuck your mother").

  4. mmol_6453 says:

    I used to get periodic friend adds from the same two accounts over and over (they'd add me, remove me, then add me again after a couple weeks), and the only thing in their blogs was some get-rich-quick think in Cryllic and a picture of a guy drinking a coke. I finally messaged one, telling him I'd report him if he didn't stop.

    Weird thing is, he seems to have stopped; I haven't gotten any noise from him in a few months.

    Not quite the same thing as comment spam, of course, but an interesting observation about Cryllic spam on LJ.

  5. tretiy3 says: