Cabaret Voltaire returns, world trembles: "Please don't fuck this up."

Does Right, Always Works: Richard H Kirk And The Future Of Cabaret Voltaire
"Electronic music is a fairly broad-ranging term but the thing for me is to take Cabaret Voltaire out of rock venues and into maybe galleries and I'm still working on ideas for that and I'm not in a rush. It's been 15-years since the last album and I'm not suddenly going to rush and cobble something together in a half-arsed manner. It's a case of what I'd initially like to do is make it more like an art installation where it's not really like a band playing on stage any more but maybe it's a lot of visual material accompanied by a live soundtrack but with the focus perhaps not on people dancing around or having a front man or traditional kind of rock based performance."


"I said it would be great to reissue Johnny YesNo. The original film was put out on Cabaret Voltaire's Double Vision label; the short film and load of even shorter clips running to about an hour which we originally went out on VHS. I said it would be nice to make that available on DVD because it's not been available since the early 80s. I said we could go and talk to Mute, who issued quite a lot of Cabaret Voltaire's back catalogue and archive stuff. And then said `What about if we make a new version of it? I'll remix the music and you remix the pictures.' We got the project together and basically I did my bit, remixed a selection of music which includes bits and pieces from Voice Of America as well as the Johnny YesNo soundtrack and just sent it to Peter and left it with him. He got a new actor and actress and kind of more or less re-shot the whole thing in LA in a contemporary context. It was finally finished last year. It's been a long, long project this. I think it's going to be released in May and there was a preview screening at the Sensoria Festival in Sheffield this week. So basically that's it. The whole thing is going to be one DVD with Johnny Yes/No and associated material and a new DVD which is going to be about 2.25 hours long with the new version of the film and loads and loads of extras and two CDs as well with all the remixes."
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  2. substitute says:

    Your subject line is my thought exactly. Will they squirt out brilliance or just piss on our dreams?

  3. kyronfive says:

    I second the "please don't fuck it up" motion.

  4. exoskeleton says:

    I am very afraid.