"Biologically inspired" robotentacle hentaibot is here to help you handle... your... things.

"Direct contact between machines and their human operators is no longer hazardous."

So there's that.

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9 Responses:

  1. knowbuddy says:

    I love that the very first thing you see is the one guy getting his fingers crushed by the machine arm and ripping them away. Safety first!

  2. beschizza says:

    It would be nice if he suddenly started going on about unimaginable and obscene horrors in the same warm, cosy, deadpan tone.

    Also, my captcha is "Menace new". It knows!

  3. dasht says:

    [patting the gut] That's my elephant. Wanna see it's trunk?

    "it's supple as it moves [...] a ball joint, combined with a bionic gripper [...] transmit[s] large forces with minimal self-weight [...] capable of picking up or depositing [...] not for rigid tethering, but for intelligent yielding [...]"

    No longer hazardous? Or, downright inviting?

  4. rmjwell says:

    I want the final segment of the video to be one of the guys strapping them on his back and doing his best Doc Ock impersonation.

  5. down8 says:

    Though not quite as tentacular, I think some of your... readership? Fanbois? Some ppl... will like this, somewhat related, automation demo: ABB1, ABB2 (more betterer).

    I work with these style of industrial robots (Kawasaki/Motoman), but ours are not quite as awesome.


  6. I, for one, et cetera...
    At least it won't rip off your junk.

  7. cpirate says:

    "Come on, it's just like making love. Y'know... left, down, rotate sixty-two degrees, engage rotor..." -- Bender

  8. strspn says:

    From the same shop:

  9. strspn says:

    And these, so beautiful!

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