Dali Clock 2.32

Dali Clock 2.32 is out now. A few fixes later, and I have now seen the iPhone version running on my own phone, and have heard reports of it running on the phones of others! The plan for world domination continues apace.

Have you seen it running on an iPad? I don't think anyone has yet told me for sure that that works. It works in the simulator, but I haven't heard of anyone running it on one of the actual devices.

Dear Lazyweb: Can any of you figure out why "motionEnded" is never being called? I'd like to make it respond to "shake" gestures but I never get those events, either in the simulator or on the device. What am I doing wrong?

I know that most of you (quite sensibly) don't read the comments on my Livejournal, but I must point out that there was actually some amusing commentary on my previous post about Dali Clock. In particular, may I direct your attention to:

gryazi says, "The future is sort of like RMS predicted, but only because the alternative is sysadmining your television, and the UNIX arts-and-crafts movement has no financial interest in actually making that easy."

lionsphil says, "Give someone a massively parallel hammer, and suddenly they want to redefine the world in per-nail terms. Or something."

I note with interest that "sysadmining your television" and "unix arts-and-crafts movement" are currently googlewhacks. I expect to see these phrases in social-network "interests" lists shortly.

Regrettably, that post got Slashdotted, which always forces me to break out the Hammer of Bannination.

Anyway, I actually burned a few hours today trying to get the PalmOS Classic version to build again. As I mentioned earlier, it's not possible to build circa-1999 PalmOS applications any more using a modern Mac as your development machine, because the GCC m68k cross-compiler was never ported to 64-bit Macs. Well, some time last year I made a cosmetic improvement to the core Dali Clock animation on most of the platforms (specifically, when switching between "date" and "time" modes, the colon and dash now morph into each other rather than just switching instantly) and I felt something of an obligation to backport that to the PalmOS Classic version, just one last time. Well, I remembered that the iMac that had been my desktop machine several years go is now the hand-me-down iMac in the DNA Lounge office, and, as luck would have it, prc-tools was still installed there! So I spent several hours doing builds over there and scp'ing them back to my home machine to test them. Yes, I spent several hours trying to debug new software for an operating system that was last updated nine years ago. Truly, that was some retrocomputing.

Sometimes you have an OCD itch that you just have to scratch. But I kept picking at it and it started bleeding, so I finally came to my senses and stopped (before I got it working!) I think that the PalmOS Classic version of Dali Clock has now really and truly reached end-of-life.

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