iPhone Safari forgetting passwords

Dear Lazyweb,

Why does the web browser on my iPhone 3gs (3.1.3) keep forgetting my login names/passwords for various web sites (https, basic auth), and how do I fix it?

It seems to remember them for a while, but then it eventually forgets them. After a few days, maybe? It's hard to tell, but it sucks. I want it to remember them forever and always, just like Safari on my desktop does.

Settings / Safari: AutoFill = On, Names & Passwords = On.

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How do you say "die in a fire" in Russian?

It turns out that turning off commenting on all of my LJ posts that are older than 60 days has not actually cut down on spam.


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Sunshine Blind!

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Faith and the Muse

(But they are at DNA. Is that allowed?)

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Gram Rabbit

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