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workin' on new stickers...

I'm working on some new DNA Lounge stickers. We're running low on the old stickers, and it's about time: I'm pretty sure we only ever ordered the one batch of them, back in 2001. We must have gotten a shit-ton of them. I'm glad they're almost gone, because the printer screwed up the aspect ratio and the inner rim of the grommet isn't circular, which annoys me every single time I look at one of them.

So, I can't decide between these three. I've tried a few other variants, but I think these are what I like best. (They are slightly different widths because of the different margins required.) Which is your favorite? I'll probably only print one variety.

Also, I was thinking of doing one like this, printed on transparent stock, and sized so that when you put it on a Mac laptop, it fits inside of the Apple logo, and the DNA logo will glow instead. It's a little small, but it has to be to fit over the logo properly, and still be centered:

Of course that's dependent on the black and green inks on transparent stock being dark enough to block the rest of the light. I'm not sure that it is. Anyone ever tried it?

Also, can anyone verify that Apple always uses the same size of light-up apple?

Also, who's your favorite sticker printer?

I hope I can get glow-in-the-dark ink.

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