Fuck Smugmug.

Dear Lazyweb,

Every now and then I have a need to bulk-download a photo gallery created by someone who has had the exceedingly poor taste to use Smugmug to display their photos. (Sometimes hosted on smugmug.com, sometimes on their own site.)

Someone please write me a script to bulk-download such things.

There is some seriously evil AJAX shit going on here. It's easy to find the name of photo #1, but I don't see how to get the name of photo #2 or subsequent. For example.

I'm actually kind of impressed at how inconvenient they've managed to make this. You know, in a beauty-of-pure-evil, Guild of Calamitous Intent kind of way.

Update: Aha, apparently the page's RSS feed actually contains useful information. I hadn't noticed that.

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Death Guild in a nutshell.

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