Tom Cruise: The Combine Interview

(Dialog taken from this.)

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5 Responses:

  1. ahruman says:

    My favourite bit was the quasi-legalese disclaimer at the beginning. "The Fair Use provisions of international law" indeed. It's so cute!

  2. ydna says:

    Brilliant mashup.

  3. elfs says:

    Monologue, surely. Or script.

    Although, it's Tom Cruise. Maybe he is having a conversation, and we just can't hear the other half.

    • cryllius says:

      When I opened this in a new window, I did not notice it was accidentally playing in the first one... I just thought the Combine guy's voice was intentionally echoing itself about 25 seconds out of sync to give a dreamlike effect. Which was AWESOME.

      The second time I watched it I realized what happened and was dumbstruck by how much it lost with only one audio track! I'd recommend playing two versions to get that effect.