Today in bad decision-making news:


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  1. meshuga says:

    I wonder if the girl purposely did that. If so, was it in part of an oral fixation?

  2. pushupstairs says:

    obfgjndfunjw3fnnmasddfjkmjgn GAH. That girl is completely and acceptably reasonably cute, and then she has to go and do something utterly creepy like split her tongue.

    Why do attractive women ruin themselves with stupid body mods and ugly (read: any) tattoos?

  3. mdingler says:

    Am I the only one who's more disturbed by her ear weights? (or whatever that's supposed to be called)

    And apart from the neck of the stormtrooperette, the quality of the tattoo ain't that bad. What's the "canvas"? Pasty arm or thigh?

  4. pyrop says:

    Assuming it's done safely, are there any medical problems that can arise from tongue-splitting? If not I don't see how it's any worse than any other body modification. (Although I really wish she wouldn't do that greedily-rubbing-hands-together motion with the two tines of her tongue.)

  5. mmol_6453 says:

    "I bet she gives great helmet."

    (Now guess which one I'm talking about.)

  6. ranotops says:

    I kinda dig the split tongue, i would consider getting it done myself were it not for wanting to be employed for the rest of my life.

    • kumimonster says:

      there are plenty of people that have split tongues with proper jobs.
      unless of course your job requires you to show your whole tongue off at work!

      eventually, it's completely unnoticeable.

      • ranotops says:

        I guess with some practice & time one could edit their speaking habits so it wasn't noticeable. Maybe it's a better idea than I thought, although I'd probably have to start at step 1 which is "get tongue pierced".

  7. chuck_lw says:

    "I got my tongue split. Do you like it?"

    "Ugh! Hell no!"

    "Oh? Really? I'll use it on you."

    "Um ... I, uh ... okay."

    • rodgerd says:

      Indeed. On the one hand, it squicks me visually. On the other hand, look at the way she can get the bits to twiddle in opposite directions...

  8. spendocrat says:

    Usually I'm pretty unfazed by the gross stuff you post here, but for some reason the tongue is really bothering me.

    I'm not sure if it's the physical grossness of it, or the "bad life-decision" aspect.

  9. xenogram says:


  10. sunsetdriver says:

    The tattoo of the burlesque storm trooper leaves out the tattoo that the actual burlesque storm trooper had on her right shoulder.

  11. holywar says:

    I fail to see how either of those are de facto "bad decision-making". To the people in particular who are so wound up about the tongue splitting, a) it's more common, and been around longer, than you might think (I looked into doing it over ten years ago), and 2) it's not nearly as noticeable as you squares seem to think it is--if she wasn't explicitly showing it off, you probably wouldn't even have noticed, even if she had an extended conversation with you. Tongue splitting generally doesn't lead to any significant sort of speech impediment, and I'd even go so far as to say that it's less noticeable than the average tongue piercing. I will say, however, that she has admirable control over the two halves.

    • Hear hear! I completely agree with you...and actually, I kinda find it hot. I don't think it qualifies as 'bad decision' at all, merely kinky.

  12. latemodel says:

    Please tell me the tongue-splitting is not new to you. It was a novelty last century, maybe, but you live in SF and I swear you've seen people who've had it done.

  13. carbonunit says:

    The tongue split girl calls herself dropaheart37 on Youtube. There's plenty more higher quality vids of her tongue there. I can't stop watching this one of the fresh split which is still red inside like rare steak, although it has stopped bleeding:

  14. qtrnevermore says:

    Trends of next century:
    Tentacle-tongue transplants.

  15. krowface says:

    actually, these are some of the best decisions ever.

  16. mcity says:

    Now, if you could combine the two...

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