Theo Jansen vs. Segway

This video shows an amazing device, tragically marred by some irritating editing, and by what is truly one of the douchiest frat-rock soundtracks you'll discover on all of the youtubes.

It's an amazing device, though. Hit mute and start watching at 55 seconds. You can stop the pain at around 3:45.

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9 Responses:

  1. nidea says:

    Neat. I'd like to see how well it works on a grassy slope or gravel path.

    • If you look at the CGI version of the mechanism, you'll see that it's completely fixed-no play or control at all.

      Still, I'd like to see this done with a car.

  2. mhoye says:

    Man, you weren't kidding about that soundtrack.

  3. dossy says:

    It needs to be bigger ... and use steam ...

    Oh, wait. I think we saw that in Wild Wild West ...

  4. netsharc says:

    It is no longer available in your country [Germany]."


    Gah, stupid media conglomerates! They can all go die by water-boarding!

    • jwz says:

      Huh, I thought these days Youtube reacted to that by just blanking out the audio and not the video (which in this case would be a service).

  5. knowbuddy says:

    They need to finish it to look like it's made of sapient pearwood, then make it randomly aggressive.

  6. martling says:

    Now just duplicate those legs about tenfold, stick an old wooden chest on top, and you have finally created The Luggage.

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