Preliminary makeup patterns to hide from face detection

Computer Vision Dazzle Makeup:

Images with a red square tested positive, a face was found.
Images without a red square tested negative, no face was found.

Prior art:
the dazzle ships:

The makeup reminds me
of Channel Zero:

Also, a cool C0 messenger bag:

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11 Responses:

  1. ryanlrussell says:

    The 80's will save us from the deathbots?

  2. mcity says:

    Well, I know what my first costume as a supervillain is going to be.

  3. Nice. Though a Haar face classifier is a fairly primitive one even at the best of times, it's still used a lot in primary stage is-there-a-face-there detection; it'd be interesting to see if the camo patterns will screw up more advanced techniques like eigenfaces.

    Also: we are the Misfits, our camo's better.

  4. kencf0618 says:

    Flood the search field with false-positive CAPTCHAs!

  5. icis_machine says:

    Haven't I see half of these usable patterns on Adam Ant's face at some point?

    p.s. I have to prove I am human?!?

  6. discogravy says:

    kind of surprised they didn't put in that blade runner eye-airbrushing makeup in there, just to test...

  7. heresiarch says:

    yay channel zero. every now and then i get possessed of the desire to have tattoos like jennie one.

  8. lafinjack says:

    Next step: working patterns as invisible subdermal infrared-reflective tattoos.

  9. Cool!

    I made a dazzle camo bag for a fellow here in SF, based off of one of those ships.

    Zugster Bags #088 (Deluxe)-9