(in the worst venue in the world)

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  1. xephyr says:

    Hey, give props! Which is the worst venue in the world? I want to know which one to point and laugh at after all the tourists go home.

    • jwz says:

      "Submerged". It looks like a restaurant where their entire conversion to a live venue consisted of moving two tables out of the way. No stage. No riser. No lights. No way to see the band at all if you weren't one of the 5 people close enough to literally touch them.

      "Barbarella" is a close runner-up, being another venue that also expected their bands to play on the floor in the dark, though the view wasn't quite as bad as at Submerged. Though Barbarella was possibly even stupider, in that the place is covered in televisions, yet they thought it would be a better idea to continue playing music videos on them than to point a camera at the band.