If you chew gum, do me a favor:

Just fucking kill yourself. Right now.

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14 Responses:

  1. vordark says:

    I can't tell you how many times I've had my knee glued to a table because of that very thing. Given the shape, and your discovery of the location, I can only assume you know exactly what I'm talking about. Hope you didn't actually like those pants.

  2. Unkind generalization! Just because some gum-chewers are asshats, don't tar me with that brush.

  3. kencf0618 says:

    At first I thought it was a car roof...

  4. gryazi says:

    ...as much as their parents, who trained them all to believe if you swallow that, it'll stick to your insides forever!

    It all becomes poop, people. Unless you're John Wayne.

    [A similar problem can be observed with other forms of organized and unexamined ideology.]

  5. elevatordown says:

    I am surprised that it is alone.

    I was expecting it to be surrounded by some Magic Nose Goblin comrades.

  6. pikuorguk says:

    I'm a teacher... I have had more than a few students become glued to their desks or chairs. One poor unfortunate had some land in her hair, but she was also chewing at the time so I think justice was served. I actually think some parts of our buildings contain chewing gum as a structural component.