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  1. autopope says:

    If that's in Celsius I'm terrified.

    • p3rlm0nk says:

      It does sometimes get to the 40s in Celsius, but not around SXSW. That's more July/August territory.

      (Thankfully Austin has evolved well to fit the ecological niche it occupies, with many vectors for cold beer^H^Hverage consumption present and ample civic development of places to take a dip in the river. I spent ten happy years there, give or take, though admittedly most often in darkened and heavily air-conditioned laboratories, classrooms, libraries, and cubicle farms.)

  2. equiraptor says:

    Yeah. I hate the cold fronts we get. I miss the Texas summer.

    I grew up in Austin, but am currently in Houston. The cold front just came through, bringing some rain with it. It's down to 55°F here - not as low as Austin, but cooler than I like.

  3. vomitrocity says:

    First day of spring and it's snowing in Chicago.

  4. You don't wanna hear how it is here, then, huh.

  5. xomox says:

    Such is the price of over a week of otherwise perfect weather.

  6. gnat23 says:

    I do not recognize these icons. Either there's an alien invasion coming or your weather forecast is within The Matrix.

  7. spendocrat says:

    Hah! We're just happy it's above freezing here.

  8. moof says:

    Welcome to Spring in Austin; blink and you'll miss it.