Exterminate all Rational Rapping.

Rap Lyric Generator
The lyrics presented in Figure 5 revolve around the theme of receiving oral sex, alcohol, and going to the club. Thus, words like "club" and "bust" have relatively high TFICF scores (TFICF=1.83e-4 and TFICF=1.67e-4) than other non-related words (TFICF=4.24e-7). The lyrics presented in Figure 6 also generally revolve around the themes of sex and partying.
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4 Responses:

  1. peanuthorst says:

    Do you find, jwz, as I do, that overanalysing things just tends to sap all the life out of them?

    That said, rap music is one of a few things I personally wouldn't mind no-one liking anymore. :)