Saw guy hand girl card reading "Edison Carter". Opted not to cockblock w/ Network 23 reference.

Sainthood expected shortly.

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  1. jered says:

    I hate seeing/saying things like like this, but you totally win the internets for that. I'm unsure if I'd be able to resist. (Although the episodes haven't held up quite as well with present-day viewing... but better than, say, Babylon 5. I'm amazed by how badly that has aged.)

    • gnat23 says:

      Whut? Maybe they've reached "cult classic" status, but I think they've held up rather well with the some of the issues they touched on. Blipverts are certainly par for the course now!

  2. You are a better man than I.

  3. autopope says:

    Obscure musical question: do you know if King Trigger, the band who did the single "Jungle!" which features prominently on Bigtime TV in (see recondite lore above) ever released an album?

  4. prog says:

    Go with god, JWZ.