Dear Lazyweb, what's the URL for tonight's Entertainment Commission hearing video?

There's a Board of Supervisors and/or Entertainment Commission hearing going on right now that I am told is viewable on if you are running Windows, but damned if I can find it. Can someone tell me what URL to download for later viewing of this hearing on a Mac? I figured out how to do this once before ( something like this and this) but I have yet to discover the URL for the hearing that began around 5pm today.
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  1. You need Microsoft Silverlight. I'm watching a bunch of suits milling around - the meeting's currently in recess.

  2. bluknight says:

    Looks like there will be a downloadable/podcastable link here RSN.

  3. dasht says:

    How'd it go?

    I saw that the Chronicle has been covering the issue the past few days and failing to connect it to the War on Fun. This seems to be there incoherent take:

    The Entertainment Commission has existed for 7 years and recently has become plagued by apparent conflicts of interest. They never "do their job" of shutting down problem clubs. The police want the authority back. The mayor has sided with the police. Oh, yeah, btw, not that it matters but the Entertainment Commission doesn't have the authority to shut down problem clubs just for being problem clubs. Oh, and, while the police swear that Suede has long been a top problem in the City, they haven't much bothered to actually cite the club so its all rumor and innuendo. Generally, the Chronicle seems to be in favor of shutting down the Entertainment Commission and increasing police authority over clubs.

    The better news: there are some dissenting voices from the Entertainment Commission and its supporters to the effect that changing the ordinances to allow them to shut down problem clubs might help and that Suede was not actually quite the problem club it is made out to be. Oh, and a quip to the effect "I think we can remember what a swell job the police were doing before the E.C.: do we really want to go back to that?!?" The mayor bravely says that its probably time for the Entertainment Commission to go and yet that requires a ballot initiative for which, he asserts, we can't really afford to gather the necessary signatures. (In other words, his position seems to really be "Shut down the E.C.? Great idea. We'll get right on that," and then he closes his office door and gets back to working on sudoku or whatever it is he does.)

    The ominous news is the rumor that, behind the scenes, the Mayor's office is talking with State Senator Leno's office about the possibility of an end-around "fix" with some new state law. No word as to what that might entail. Wild-ass guesses would be a state law giving local police such authority or an expansion of ABC powers or both.