Corneal Strain Gauge

Glaucoma Test in a Contact Lens

Glaucoma is the second most common cause of blindness, and without constant vigilance it can prove a very difficult disease to manage. But a Swiss biotech company has developed a monitoring system that allows physicians to keep track of their patients' symptoms over 24 hours. Sensimed's "Triggerfish" system consists of a contact lens with embedded sensors that can pick up subtle physical changes in a patient's eye, and then wirelessly transmit that data to a receiver worn around his neck.

The lens is made of the same silicon hydrogel as many of the soft contact lenses currently on the market, but embedded within it is a microprocessor and a strain gauge that encircles its outer edge. When fluid accumulates in the eye, the diameter of the cornea changes, and that change is picked up by the strain gauge. Data is processed and then transmitted via radio frequency to a receiver.

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  1. edouardp says:

    That's the most future-y looking thing I've seen since that Swiss rocketman guy flying up in the sky his jetpack.

    Seriously, what is it with Swiss people? Are they just compensating for the last 400 years, or is it something deeper?

  2. fantasygoat says:

    Makes me think I will long enough to just miss the singularity by a decade. Depressing.

    • pavel_lishin says:

      Don't worry. If they time travel gets invented, I'll try to come back for you.

      (If you're on your deathbed, and I'm not there, uh, sorry. Either no time travel, or I got drunk and forgot.)

  3. mcity says:

    Say, wasn't this an episode of Scrubs?

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