A picture is worth 1,000 words. Save your breath and explanations by showing the world what's going on under that cast. Had a really bad break that you want to show off? Send us the digital file of your x-ray, and we'll send you back your break in print, ready to be applied directly to your cast.

7 Responses:

  1. justinmm2 says:

    This almost makes me wish my (upper) arm were broken again

    Instead, my sister wrote "I <3 my big brother" on it and everyone thought I was gay

  2. I still don't see where the googly eyes go!

  3. skreidle says:

    My wife actually got some of those, in more generic designs, to decorate her cast. :)

  4. azul_ros says:

    Wow! That almost makes me want to break a bone, just to have one. But- not really. I've never had a broken bone & don't really want to go through it. My mom's boyfriend just fractured his arm. Maybe I'll send this link to her so she can show him! Ha ha. Somehow I can't see a man in his 70's wearing one of these.

  5. scullin says:

    So can you get underwear printed with this?eta cite