A Place To Bury Strangers

(Yeah it pretty much looks like this.)

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  1. i_e_d says:

    I love the smell of fogjuice in the morning, it smells like victory

    • strspn says:

      When I was in college, my math friends who had not had much biochem liked to point out that fog machine fog is poison. The LD50 of glycerol is about 10 grams per kilogram oral, which is way more than anyone could breathe at a concert, even if they had thick fog all the time for days on end. You would suffocate before you could get anywhere near a tiny fraction of that much.

      The moral of this story is that toxicity is more complicated than most people think.

  2. thargol says:

    That reminds me of the last time I saw The Sisters Of Mercy (and I do mean the last time -- I'm not wasting my hard earned cash on them again). Here are a couple of photos I took:

    Now I've seen a lot of live music, and I know all about dry ice. Further, I've seen the Sisters many times, and know that they like to overdo it more than most in that regard, so I was aware of what to expect. But there are limits, and even compared to their previous shows, they exceeded them by a large margin that night...

    • spike says:

      Was that, perhaps, the March 7th, 2006 show at the the 9:30 Club in DC? 'Cause that was my last Sisters show.

      And to be clear, it wasn't the day-glo yellow shirt that Andy was wearing. It was that the show sucked. It made me want to stay home and listen to their stuff on the stereo instead of going out to see them (again) IRL. Amazing.

      • thargol says:

        No, it was a couple of weeks later (2nd May 2006) at The Astoria in London. Looks like they really blew it on that tour. Like you, I'm still happy to listen to their studio output (indeed, I was listening to them just this morning). But I can't see me going to another of their live shows.

  3. stannate says:

    Based on what I've heard of A Place To Bury Strangers, this picture is the perfect visualization of their sound.

    • Yes, I actually found the distinct lack of clear sight to be an enhancement to their show (saw them open for NIN in Detroit). They have a certain... fuzz in their music. They also really really love their strobe lights. My wife went into a near-hypnotic state.