Dear Lazyweb, what's the URL for tonight's Entertainment Commission hearing video?

There's a Board of Supervisors and/or Entertainment Commission hearing going on right now that I am told is viewable on if you are running Windows, but damned if I can find it. Can someone tell me what URL to download for later viewing of this hearing on a Mac? I figured out how to do this once before ( something like this and this) but I have yet to discover the URL for the hearing that began around 5pm today.
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Corneal Strain Gauge

Glaucoma Test in a Contact Lens

Glaucoma is the second most common cause of blindness, and without constant vigilance it can prove a very difficult disease to manage. But a Swiss biotech company has developed a monitoring system that allows physicians to keep track of their patients' symptoms over 24 hours. Sensimed's "Triggerfish" system consists of a contact lens with embedded sensors that can pick up subtle physical changes in a patient's eye, and then wirelessly transmit that data to a receiver worn around his neck.

The lens is made of the same silicon hydrogel as many of the soft contact lenses currently on the market, but embedded within it is a microprocessor and a strain gauge that encircles its outer edge. When fluid accumulates in the eye, the diameter of the cornea changes, and that change is picked up by the strain gauge. Data is processed and then transmitted via radio frequency to a receiver.

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I am pleased that I have a "previously" link for "Giant Inflatible Vagina".


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Preliminary makeup patterns to hide from face detection

Computer Vision Dazzle Makeup:

Images with a red square tested positive, a face was found.
Images without a red square tested negative, no face was found.

Prior art:
the dazzle ships:

The makeup reminds me
of Channel Zero:

Also, a cool C0 messenger bag:

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