Godzilla Haiku is often worth one's time

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The Dark Princess Begins

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Buncha savages in this town.

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If you chew gum, do me a favor:

Just fucking kill yourself. Right now.

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Megaphone guy says:


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China's instructions on reporting on Google

"Below we reprint the government's instructions to domestic news Web sites."

Google has officially announced its withdrawal from the China market. This is a high-impact incident. It has triggered netizens' discussions which are not limited to a commercial level. Therefore please pay strict attention to the following content requirements during this period:

A. News section:

1. Only use Central Government main media (website) content; do not use content from other sources.

2. Reposting must not change title.

3. News recommendations should refer to Central government main media websites.

4. Do not produce relevant topic pages; do not set discussion sessions; do not conduct related investigative reporting.

5. Online programs with experts and scholars on this matter must apply for permission ahead of time. This type of self-initiated program production is strictly forbidden.

6. Carefully manage the commentary posts under news items.

B. Forums, blogs and other interactive media sections:

1. It is not permitted to hold discussions or investigations on the Google topic.

2. Interactive sections do not recommend this topic, do not place this topic and related comments at the top.

3. All websites please clean up text, images and sound and videos which attack the Party, State, government agencies, Internet policies with the excuse of this event.

4. All websites please clean up text, images and sound and videos which support Google, dedicate flowers to Google, ask Google to stay, cheer for Google and others have a different tune from government policy.

5. On topics related to Google, carefully manage the information in exchanges, comments and other interactive sessions.

6. Chief managers in different regions please assign specific manpower to monitor Google-related information; if there is information about mass incidents, please report it in a timely manner.

We ask the Monitoring and Control Group to immediately follow up monitoring and control actions along the above directions; once any problems are discovered, please communicate with respected sessions in a timely manner.

Addition[al] guidelines:

-- Do not participate in and report Google's information/press releases.

-- Do not report about Google exerting pressure on our country via people or events.

-- Related reports need to put [our story/perspective/information] in the center, do not provide materials for Google to attack relevant policies of our country.

-- Use talking points about Google withdrawing from China published by relevant departments.

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Visit web site on iPhone, expose entire SMS database!

iPhone hacked, SMS database hijacked

A pair of European researchers used the spotlight of the CanSecWest Pwn2Own hacking contest to break into a fully patched iPhone and hijack the entire SMS database, including text messages that had already been deleted.

Using an exploit against a previously unknown vulnerability, the duo -- Vincenzo Iozzo and Ralf Philipp Weinmann -- lured the target iPhone to a rigged Web site and exfiltrated the SMS database in about 20 seconds.

The exploit crashed the iPhone's browser session but Weinmann said that, with some additional effort, he could have a successful attack with the browser running.

"Basically, every page that the user visits on our [rigged] site will grab the SMS database and upload it to a server we control," Weinmann explained.

"This exploit doesn't get out of the iPhone sandbox," Flake explained, noting that an attacker can do enough damage without escaping from the sandbox. [...] In addition to hijacking the SMS database, Weinmann said the winning Pwn2Own exploit could have exfiltrated the phone contact list, the email database, photographs and iTunes music files. In the iPhone sandbox, Weinmann said there's a non-root user called `mobile' with certain user privileges. "With this exploit, I can do anything that `mobile' can do."

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A girl just asked us to direct her to the nearest payphone.


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