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We accidentally stumbled into a rave from 1996.

Apparently Crystal Method was about to play.

We left because it was smoky.

Oh and also not really 1996.

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Electric Valentine

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The Kissaway Trail

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Was unaware that there were still bands who want to be EMF/PWEI.

This is an even worse idea than it sounds.
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Livejournal Deathwatch continues: spam situation is completely out of control

If I have to delete one more comment with a paragraph like, "Ha ha, that same thing happened to me when I tried to fix my bathroom plumbing, HREF=SPAM-PLUMBERS-INFO-VIAGRA-UK", I'm gonna stab somebody in the face. I am so sick of playing whack-a-mole with these.

Turning on captchas didn't even help, because these spams are apparently all entered by actual humans, who are making an effort to appear to be on topic if you don't read the URLs.

At this point, with the useless lack of tools provided by Livejournal to address this problem, my only choices are to disallow commenting from non-friends (in which case I might as well stop using LJ) or moderate comments from non-friends (which is even more work than deleting spam).

The only thing that has so far prevented me from giving up on LJ and hosting this blog myself is that I think I would get less comments. Maybe that's not even true any more, with all the tumbleweeds blowing through this site.

Mostly the spam happens on posts that are months old, presumably because they have more google juice. I'd be ok with just turning off comments on old posts -- except that when you turn off comments on an LJ post, all the existing comments disappear.

I think the first time I submitted a support request to LJ to make it possible to turn off new comments without hiding old ones was in 2003. Apparently adding new "valentine's day gift" logos has remained a higher priority than spam fighting.

So if you know anybody who still works at Livejournal, please stab them in the face.

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We Are Scientists on Towel Re-use.

When horses urge towel re-use, I listen.

So far at this year's SXSW music festival, no plea has found firmer purchase with me than these horses' request that I reuse my towels.

Normally I find signs like this one -- now standard in hotel bathrooms -- to be grating. "Do whatever will make you most comfortable. Just know that when you make us replace your towels, you're killing Earth," seems to be the message. Blatantly missing is any acknowledgment that if I choose to reuse my towels, I'm saving my hotel save on laundry costs. It feels quite disingenuous, IMO. And it usually results in my using a different towel on each limb -- one for each arm, each leg, hair, penis, etc. I'll use a large towel to clean my eyeglasses, then put it in the trash can, so as to leave no doubt about whether I intend to reuse it.

This sign, though, found in our Austin Holiday Inn Express's bathroom, has an altogether different effect on me, though. You can easily argue that it's self-serving for a hotel to discourage use of its laundry services. But these horses? What the hell do they stand to gain from your towel reuse? Only one thing: the continued sanctity of the forest where they live, the field where they nibble wild grass & clover, the cave where they take their mistress, the stream where they guzzle and launder their towels, the path where they trot, and the air through which they toss their mane. When a horse asks you to please reuse your towels, it's tough to turn him down. It's tough to keep wiping your butt with the big bath towels; instead, maybe you wipe your butt with a hand towel -- more than sufficient.

Anyway, at least for now -- at this hotel, for the next couple of days -- I intend to minimize the amount of towel laundry I require. I'm not doing it for the Holiday Inn Express. No, I'm doing it for the horse on the far left -- Visconti.

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