Dear Lazyweb, what's the URL for tonight's Entertainment Commission hearing video?

There's a Board of Supervisors and/or Entertainment Commission hearing going on right now that I am told is viewable on if you are running Windows, but damned if I can find it. Can someone tell me what URL to download for later viewing of this hearing on a Mac? I figured out how to do this once before ( something like this and this) but I have yet to discover the URL for the hearing that began around 5pm today.
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Corneal Strain Gauge

Glaucoma Test in a Contact Lens

Glaucoma is the second most common cause of blindness, and without constant vigilance it can prove a very difficult disease to manage. But a Swiss biotech company has developed a monitoring system that allows physicians to keep track of their patients' symptoms over 24 hours. Sensimed's "Triggerfish" system consists of a contact lens with embedded sensors that can pick up subtle physical changes in a patient's eye, and then wirelessly transmit that data to a receiver worn around his neck.

The lens is made of the same silicon hydrogel as many of the soft contact lenses currently on the market, but embedded within it is a microprocessor and a strain gauge that encircles its outer edge. When fluid accumulates in the eye, the diameter of the cornea changes, and that change is picked up by the strain gauge. Data is processed and then transmitted via radio frequency to a receiver.

Previously, previously, previously, previously.

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I am pleased that I have a "previously" link for "Giant Inflatible Vagina".


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Preliminary makeup patterns to hide from face detection

Computer Vision Dazzle Makeup:

Images with a red square tested positive, a face was found.
Images without a red square tested negative, no face was found.

Prior art:
the dazzle ships:

The makeup reminds me
of Channel Zero:

Also, a cool C0 messenger bag:

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Realtime Journalism! Jumperwatch 2010!

Jumper Talked Down From Lefty O'Doul Bridge

Update, 12:35 p.m.: Mariles says the man "is not jumping. He's apparently doing silly things up there." By "silly things," Mariles means "dancing." The police continue to wait him out.

Update, 12:41 p.m.: Web editor Alexia Tsotsis reports the man, who at one point danced and "spread his arms like Jesus" is descending from the bridge after being talked down by a tactical police officer outfitted in a Johnny Unitas throwback jersey.

Update 1:20 p.m.: Perhaps the largest convocation of cops to gather in the vicinity of Third and King since the climactic scene of Magnum Force broke up moments ago. The police successfully talked down a would-be jumper described as a "well-known area homeless person" in his 30s. Captain Dan McDonagh described the man as being in "an altered mental state."

The police tactical team also included snipers stationed within the China Basin Building, across the road from AT&T park "just in case" the man had been planning some sort of attack, confirmed a police officer on the scene. As SWAT team members filed out carrying heavy black cases, the officer noted the contents "aren't violins."

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See also BLIT and comp.basilisk FAQ by David Langford.

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Death Bear!

Can't get rid of your memories? Call Death Bear.
Death Bear assured them that their belongings were safe in his cave, somewhere in the northeastern section of Central Park. "It absorbs things like a black hole. Maybe one day I'll figure out how the cave works," he said as he placed the items into a black canvas backpack.

Update: Death Bear got pwned by his ex!

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Art of the Steal: On the Trail of World's Most Ingenious Thief

Leverage has nothing on this guy:

The plane slowed and leveled out about a mile aboveground. Up ahead, the Viennese castle glowed like a fairy tale palace. When the pilot gave the thumbs-up, Gerald Blanchard looked down, checked his parachute straps, and jumped into the darkness. He plummeted for a second, then pulled his cord, slowing to a nice descent toward the tiled roof. It was early June 1998, and the evening wind was warm. If it kept cooperating, Blanchard would touch down directly above the room that held the Koechert Diamond Pearl. He steered his parachute toward his target.

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What's the Matter With Sweden?

What's the Matter With Sweden? An interesting article about some podunk little third-world countries like Sweden, Norway, Canada and England that actually support the arts with public funds.
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I say again: if you chew gum, just fucking kill yourself.

God, you people are disgusting. The incessant chewing makes you look like a mouth-breathing retard, and all of you -- just like the smokers who consider the entire world their ashtray -- seem to think that once it leaves your mouth, the gum or cigarette butt just magically vaporizes. At least boogers don't stay sticky for long. Maybe you should take up chewing tobacco instead, that's dead sexy.

I hate you.

Street Science: The Gum We Step In

Pretty much everything gets chewed out of gum and swallowed except the "gum base." That's unless the gum chewer swallows the gum, in which case the gum base passes through unchanged and moves on to waste-water treatment. Or so the gum companies and FDA tell us. Hence, gum base is not a food, and companies are free to keep us in the dark on its actual components. In fact, gum base is proprietary. Gum makers originally used natural rubbery substances like chicle to make the base, but now they employ any number and proportion of natural or synthetic latexes and rubbers. [...]

More than a ton of gum is stuck to the ground in the Mission District. Millions of pieces of chewing gum. Or more.

That's actual pieces, not the shadowy stains left behind after someone steams them off. And it's a low estimate. [...] I made this estimate by counting the gum blobs in each square of sidewalk I stepped on, measuring every 20 steps. If someone's done a more scientific calculation, let us know.

So on an average block of Harrison, which has little foot traffic compared to the rest of the Mission, I estimate 5,277 pieces of gum (not gum stains) per block, on the sidewalks of both sides of the street. Along 24th Street, where many of the sidewalk squares host more than 20 pieces of gum, the numbers are gonna be much higher. [...] Let's say 53,000 pieces per mile of street. 53,000 pieces/mile x 37 miles of street = 1.96 million pieces. [...] Let's say one quarter of the weight is gum base [...] That's 3,300 pounds of gum base on the ground - more than a ton.


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