Pink Mania

This is very upsetting.
You're welcome.

Scene missing! A video in this post has disappeared. If you know of an accessible version of this video (search), please mail me so that I can update this post.
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22 Responses:

  1. dossy says:

    Where and how do you FIND these things? Jesus.

  2. cdavies says:

    I think the most disturbing part was the Elizabethan looking guy (he of the mobile penis) doing exactly the same tongue thing as the eponymous cochon from the "cochon danseur" movie.

    • pavel_lishin says:

      Having read this before I clicked the video, I'm not entirely certain I want to watch...

      • cdavies says:

        Want doesn't enter in to it. You will watch it. It's inevitable. It'll be another blow to your already fragile psyche and one too many videos like this, and you'll snap and go on a kill crazy rampage. And it'll all be the fault of art.

        Also, having now over watched this I've changed my mind. The most disturbing part is how manically happy Ms. Paintbrush Tits seems to be doing this. Her partner looks really strained, like someone off camera has a gun to her gerbil's head and has told her to smile. But the other one just looks like this is the best time to be had, ever.

  3. shakti_mouse says:

    wow that broke me a little

  4. mhoye says:

    That fur hat really ties the whole thing together.

  5. kiskadee says:

    was someone inspired by the hoodie footie ad?

  6. ionan says:

    Guess I've been on the internet too long: to me it just feels like they're trying too hard. Are these serious, or humorous?
    I did get a laugh out of the clown-punching bit.

  7. spendocrat says:

    God that horse-head thing gave me the creeps.

  8. novadrome says:

    That turned me on without turning me on.

  9. pixel_juice says:

    I'm glad someone's out there making these videos so I don't have too. They gave their only begotten dignity to art. Thanks!

  10. dignam says:

    Why did you do this to me and why did they do this to the world. Those are my questions.

  11. bloodrage says:

    I was skeptical until "I'm so hot, I'm so hot, I'm so hot I can't wear pants"