"Flppa Flppa flp" indeed.

Posted in honor of The Feast of Emperor Norton.

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  1. cultureulterior says:


  2. lionsphil says:

    I predict that at least 50% of your followers will be turned on by panel 4 more than panel 3.

  3. mooflyfoof says:


  4. fengi says:

    I just discovered Oglaf yesterday and I already read all of it. Dirty which is funny without being DaveSim-ish. That's rare online.

  5. fayanora says:

    Awww, poor tentacle lady.

  6. c9 says:

    There. Right there. That's why I like boys.

    (this was non-fiction, right?)

  7. skington says:

    The other great thing about Oglaf is that it updates once a week, but on Sundays, the day when normally comics don't update. A day that is also, unless your work sucks, SFW. It's that sort of small moment of thought that makes me appreciate the author's courtesy.

    • frogworth says:

      Actually she updates it on Monday afternoons, but you live in some weird non-Australian part of the world...

  8. kencf0618 says:

    Onomatopoeia rules, but personally I'm old-school Panel #2. That said, it would behoove the Princeling (note the dimunitive) to view a certain scene of Galaxy Quest (1999).

  9. mcity says:

    If only 4chan had been invented already.

  10. chuck_lw says:

    Ah, yes -- one moment you're entertaining some nice young lady, and the next you're pinned to the bed by a squirming, groping, constricting mass of tentacles with no discernible center.

    Or something like that.

  11. ms_nobizit says:

    It would have been even better if the horse ran away alone (she ate him).

  12. ladykalessia says:

    Tentacle dildo. It's actually... pretty.