Facebook Pages: still borked.

The Facebook Blog just posted "What's the Difference between a Facebook Page and Group?", because the difference is so goofy that nobody can really understand it, and yet they continue to not address the bug that makes "Pages" be useless for an actual business trying to reach their actual customers.


6 Responses:

  1. pyrop says:

    ...so "Pages" are the enterprise version of "Groups"?

  2. jered says:

    I'm getting increasingly annoyed with Facebook. The only thing that's recently prevented me from just stopping is the Better Facebook greasemonkey script. It implements things like, oh, summary views and read/unread status.

    It's sad when a major web application pretty much requires third-party software to which they are hostile in order to be remotely useful. I hope they implode soon rather than dying a lingering, Myspace-like death.

  3. Facebook is infested with the scum of the slum.

    No, I don't want to become a fan of your stupid tone-deaf post-hipster band or the 21st Century Real Estate branch in Assfuck, California.

    Becoming a fan has got to be the stupidest new-media metaphor in internet history.

    Twitter supremacy.

  4. carrieaki says:

    Just found the Facebook application "Twitter for Pages"