Don't ask, don't check my gag reflex.

The gag reflex and fellatio.

In a study of consititutional psychopathic personalities especially the sexual deviants, it was found during a routine physical examination that the gag reflex was frequently absent. This was a more definite finding in those homosexuals who admitted fellatio. [...]

The findings having been established the test was employed routinely in the neuropsychiatric clinic. Frequently it proved valuable in detecting the malingerer who attempted to obtain a discharge by professing homosexuality. Presented with the gag test findings the soldier would invariably change his story or admit having lied for selfish gains.

"Operation Malingering Cocksucker" is a go.

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5 Responses:

  1. biggeek says:

    Straight girls are taught by popular straight culture that the male penis is ugly.

    Straight guys are taught by popular straight culture that the male penis is ugly.

    Gay guys are taught by gay culture that the male penis is awesome.

    Go figure.

    • spider88 says:

      What? Straight girl here taught that the male penis (as opposed to female penis?) is awesome. As were the straight guys in my straight culture.

      Who doesn't love the cock?


      • jwz says:

    • _candide_ says:

      We're not taught, but validated that the entire male body is awesome. ^_^

      And anyone who's learned to give good blow-jobs learns to control their gag-reflex. ;)

  2. loosechanj says:

    Their dentists must love them.