Cranial whale song

Me and my doctor
On the day of the surgery the first thing they do is screw a Darth Vader-type frame to your skull so you can't move your head. I particularly remember the noises: when they drilled the holes and scraped the skull, and I'm convinced I heard whale music. One phrase stands out, too: "You may feel some tugging - we're going to go through the membrane of the brain."
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  1. wyndebreaker says:

    I'm likely the only one reading this who's actually HAD brain surgery, and I heard no such things. Probably the wrong area of the brain. Had they poked around in a different area, I may have tasted cinnamon or smelled pine.

  2. laurachicken says:

    Invasive Cervical Traction. (looks like this, but this is not me: )

    They put me to sleep for the entering of the sides of the head/skull, at least, for about 5 minutes. Then I woke up with these giant tongs on my head with my head suspended from the top of the bed (the traction device). It was this awful clanging metal sound INSIDE MY HEAD. It was pretty cool, though, because there was this giant flouroscopy screen right in front of me, which, whenever I moved I could see my head, neck, and spine.

    In order to have a point of reference, they taped a penny to the center of my chin. They must have spent all the money on the flouroscopy machine. They gradually added weight to pull my spine upwards (this was all to check for c-spine instability, not just for fun), and once I was done, they put me back to sleep and removed it all.

    Oh, the best part is, while the other neurosurgeons were waiting for the head doc to arrive, they were surfing the internet. Awesome!

  3. wikkit42 says:

    You can do bone conduction experiments by biting whatever it is you want to hear. Try biting an unplugged electric guitar some time, the strings sound right that way, rather than the usual twanginess of an unpowered guitar.