Anyone with information on Happy's whereabouts can call the Ogden Police Department.

Ogden cops have out clown posse

It's not every day a clown breaks into your home, tosses a blanket over you and then scampers off with your computer.

That was the story Ogden police got when they went to investigate a burglary and theft, though. One of the suspects literally looked like a rather scary harlequin -- and detectives know who they are looking for: a career petty criminal with the street name of "Happy."

Lt. Scott Sangberg said Thursday that Happy, or rather Tony Alexander Pete, 43, is an Ogden street person sporting permanently tattooed "clown eyes" and a "clown mouth."

Sangberg said Pete now is being sought in a break-in and burglary late Wednesday in the 400 block of 21st Street. A second man, described by the witness only as Latino, also was thought involved.

The victim told police that he was asleep about 7:30 p.m. when he was awakened to find the pair standing over him. At first, the men yelled that they were cops, then threw the blanket over him.

"The guy said he could still see from under the blanket though, and he described one of them as having 'clown eyes.' "[The victim] said he knew him as 'Happy,' because he had been staying there with him until recently," Sangberg said.

Anyone with information on Pete's whereabouts can call the Ogden Police Department at 801-629-8221.

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3 Responses:

  1. encapsulate says:

    It looks like he has a Garbage Pail Kid tattooed on his adam's apple.

    Which is, astoundingly, not the worst of his choices.

  2. luserspaz says:

    If you are letting this guy stay with you, you have already made some poor life choices, and you probably deserve whatever you get.

    • pavel_lishin says:

      You know, if I had very distinctive facial tattooing, I'd probably avoid robbing people that can easily identify me.

      Then again, I wouldn't get very distinctive facial tattooing in the first place.

      Remind me to thank my parents for raising me right.