Anyone figured out how to get an RSS feed of all friends' photo posts out of Facebook yet?

Yes, I have googled it. There are a few fb-apps that claim to do this, but I haven't found one that works.


Update: Yes, I did, here: Facebook Connect comments RSS feed, finally.

See also: Mirroring Twitter onto Facebook, plus bells, whistles.
And: How to use Facebook with a feed reader.

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3 Responses:

  1. humble_fool says:

    Unfortunately, Facebook can't even do the RSS feeds that they do provide correctly; I tried dropping one of the official feeds from your last post into my feed reader and it complained that there were bad entities encoded in it.

  2. snicker7 says:

    I wanted to do this so I could get RSS feeds to stream to a digital photo frame over wifi. I found one app that claimed to be able to do this for your own photo albums but not for all your friends. Shame!

  3. secondtino says:

    Microsoft recently released a FB client to show off the developer release of Silverlight 4 (which runs DOG slow in this VM I'm using) and it offers a "photos feed" option.

    I wonder if one sniffs the traffic between the app and FB if some calls may be gleaned...