Trilo Temporalis

Jud Turner:

And people say I'm hard to shop for.

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Don't ask, don't check my gag reflex.

The gag reflex and fellatio.

In a study of consititutional psychopathic personalities especially the sexual deviants, it was found during a routine physical examination that the gag reflex was frequently absent. This was a more definite finding in those homosexuals who admitted fellatio. [...]

The findings having been established the test was employed routinely in the neuropsychiatric clinic. Frequently it proved valuable in detecting the malingerer who attempted to obtain a discharge by professing homosexuality. Presented with the gag test findings the soldier would invariably change his story or admit having lied for selfish gains.

"Operation Malingering Cocksucker" is a go.

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Cranial whale song

Me and my doctor
On the day of the surgery the first thing they do is screw a Darth Vader-type frame to your skull so you can't move your head. I particularly remember the noises: when they drilled the holes and scraped the skull, and I'm convinced I heard whale music. One phrase stands out, too: "You may feel some tugging - we're going to go through the membrane of the brain."
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