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It's been a while; time to shed some followers.

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  1. revsphynx says:

    Does that trick ever work?

  2. hepkitten says:

    why isn't she also lactating. has japan taught us nothing? im disappointing in the quality of shocksmug these days.

  3. litui says:

    Wow. Linked from twitter. Managed to completely slay me. Glad I wasn't at work. =D

  4. telecart says:

    Washington, Washington...

  5. porphyre says:

    but who's the artist?

    • jwz says:

      If I knew, I'd have linked it...

      • edouardp says:

        I was going to do a couple of image searches for "naked old woman with lots of penises" for you, but I'll have a hard time explaining that being in my browser history.

        "No honey, look, stop shouting. There's a perfectly reasonable explanation for that."

        • rodgerd says:

          No, that doesn't take some explaining. I caught up with an old mate at a conference, and he was explaining that he's had to have a Serious Talk with his 8 year old daughter about why, no matter how curious she is about the differences between boys and girls, Googling "8 year old boy penises" is always a mistake.

      • porphyre says:

        Ah, yes. Sorry. Thanks for the image though, cracking nice art, if a bit peculiar.

    • pavel_lishin says: reveals only a Russian celebrating having the 50th comment.

  6. elevatordown says:


    I just thought it was an old woman until I scrolled down.

    The only thing that would make it worse is if one of the penises had the head of Rick Astley on it.

  7. robotdevil says:

    (still laughing)

  8. mc_kingfish says:

    That's what Rush Limbaugh looks like under his meat-costume.

  9. elfs says:

    "Time to shed some followers."

    Moi? Fail.

  10. mcity says:

    I can't help but wonder what sort of keywords one puts in on whatever strange porn sites one browses in order to get this.

  11. anktastic says:

    Shed some followers? Perhaps. Gain some creepy 4chan-type new users? Definitely.

  12. blasdelf says:

    Only nine dicks? George Washington has thirty goddamn dicks!

  13. gths says:

    I've been on the internet so long that this sort of thing doesn't really have that much of an effect on me anymore.

  14. 0ntological says:

    Yes that is hilarious, and anyone offended by it= fail, but....
    it's just lucky I wasn't in the library at school. I mean sure, you put it on your journal at 5:30, but still.

  15. spoonyfork says:

    Pics or it didn't happen.

  16. kencf0618 says:

    There's an Harlan Ellison story in there somewhere.

  17. The reveal as I scrolled on my screen (@ 1440x900) was fantastic. Definitely made me jump back a bit in surprise.

  18. tiff_seattle says:

    and also gain some followers

  19. scottreyns says:

    LOL. Another machine's operations hogging my pipe ensured that the image loaded in this one's browser from the top down oh so gradually. The drama...

    Wow. just... wow.

  20. xoruglm says:

    Very nice try, but you won't get rid of me that easily!

  21. obreerbo says:

    I'm tempted to send this to my friend in Arizona. He's a /b/tard, so he might get a kick out of it. On the other hand, (a) this probably came from /b/ in the first place, and (b) no doubt he's seen much more twisted stuff there.

  22. nathanrsfba says:

    So this is your way of telling us to go choke on a bucket of cocks?

  23. rasterbation says:

    The fact that this did not surprise, shock, or disturb me on any level what-so-ever is proof positive that I spent way too much time in art school.

  24. Don't ever change, jwz.

  25. skywaterblue says:

    Once you get over the shock of the eighty thousand penises, I think the handling of the paint is pretty masterful. Wish I had the name of the artist.

  26. taskboy3000 says:

    You know, it's the viscous, milky background of this picture that I find most disturbing.

  27. blainemono says:

    somehow she reminds me of this one:

    not exactly this one, the one i've seen in the museum once. with dicksbarrels sticking out at 360 degrees.

  28. keimel says:

    9 for mortal men, doomed to die.