You have angered Poseidon.

American Standard

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14 Responses:

  1. xenogram says:

    How do you get to the handbasin?

  2. editer says:

    Is that where the off-brand lemonade is made?

  3. prog says:

    Oh man "Bioshock 2" is going to be sweet.

  4. wisn says:

    There's no reading rack, so the mail-order catalogs are just gonna stack up on the floor. What a mess.

  5. spendocrat says:

    Description smells like it was written by someone with marketing experience and no soul.

    • jwz says:

      It sounds like every "Artist's Statement" ever written.

      Learning how to write this kind of crap is what you pay for with the student loans for that art degree. Without this, people won't know that you am Serious Artist.

  6. drhoz says:

    scrubbing off the mold would be a bitch. And I notice there's no toilet paper

  7. takeapeek says:

    No!!! leave John and Eva alone!! lol...

  8. ultranurd says:

    Who's the poor guy who has to replace the top one's urinal cake?

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