Please enjoy (what has been retconned to be) jwz mixtape 083.

There is a certain thematic continuity to the first few.
Consider this evidence of a world gone mad.

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9 Responses:

  1. jered says:

    I see your challenge, and raise you:

    (Sorry, I don't think the embed will work right because LJ is filtering against the latest of Flash XSS vulnerabilities.)

  2. takeapeek says:

    I love the array of music videos that you post..always so compelling to watch and so inspiring....but yes i must agree the first three videos are pretty friggen off the wall crazy.

  3. kiskadee says:

    The first one felt like, what if Beck was two dudes instead of one, and Queen was a major influence. After I thought that it didn't seem nearly so unusual.

    • natophonic says:

      bingo and exactly. i've felt the same way about ratatat; what if bill and ted took wyld stallions and moved from west covina to nyc?

  4. benediktus says:

    let's add some german beastieboyism:

    exhibit a

    exhibit b

    exhibit c

  5. natophonic says:

    re: the last video: you do realize that raining rose petals also necessitates heart-shaped pillows made of red satin and evokes Edward and Bella? I like to think that the first video in this series is mocking the last.

  6. paulinahtoo says:

    Delphic is good stuff! Thanks for turning me on to it