The Sara Carlson Experience

If you have not experienced The Sara Carlson Experience, I really recommend that you experience it.

Oh yes, there is more. See also Stefania Rotolo.

I have repeatedly checked my television listings for the "Italian variety shows from the early 1980s" channel. I haven't found it. Please advise.

Scene missing! A video in this post has disappeared. If you know of an accessible version of this video (search), please mail me so that I can update this post.
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17 Responses:

  1. gfish says:

    Now I'm going to be expecting canned applause to play at random intervals for the rest of the day.

  2. elena says:


  3. candid says:

    I know what I'm going to be having dreams and/or nightmares about tonight!

  4. a little more edgy: look for stryx on youtube.
    it was a weird music/dance tv show for adults, broadcast on state tv in italy in the late 70s.
    the man behind stryx and most of the shows you already embedded here is the same: antonello falqui.

  5. artlung says:

    Yes, she does have a MySpace:

    You're welcome.

  6. vomitrocity says:

    Sent me into giggle fits, the last one on the link was the worst of them. XD

    Sadly, most of my thoughts were "Wow, even the skimpiest of outfits were so high-waisted back then..." and remembering my mom's large-bottomed bikini's from the 80's before thongs were all the rage.

  7. fantasygoat says:

    I am equal parts titillated and horrified. The Cowboy one is the pinnacle of absurdity.

    I have a new hero.

  8. neacal says:

    Why do I keep doing this to myself?! I should know better... *horror*

  9. hafnir says:

    On a similar note, a few years back I went looking for local clubs that were Italo Disco friendly (but not electroclash), hoping for not just the music but this kind of absurdity (which is rampant in Italo Disco videos - I trust I don't need to provide links as they're easy to find on the internet and almost any video will do) but was left disappointed. I figure if late-70's/early 80's retro music like industrial still has a following, italo should too, but sadly not really. But I'd hit that club, especially if it was presented as above.

    • cnoocy says:

      If only there was an absurdity-friendly club out there somewhere, ideally with an owner who was already familiar with these videos...

  10. volk007 says:

    I want to experience it in HD.

  11. lionsphil says:

    Rats. Second one seems to have been replaced with a scrollbar. How odd.

    These are brilliantly bad.

    • lionsphil says:

      Ah, LJ has barfed on the markup; looks like somehow the "s in the title might have become unescaped at some point? It's all turned into atomic attributes.

  12. spoonyfork says:

    She's the chick I envision Snake Plissken banged when he got home from New York City.