The horror that is Lady Gaga... Barbie form.

It just goes on and on.

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  1. korgmeister says:

    Strange, I would have thought Lady Gaga would be your sort of thing.

    • jwz says:

      She has a good video director. Her music makes me want to claw my brain out.

      • korgmeister says:

        OK now that makes sense. One can appreciate her dedication to aggressive strangeness while hating her music.

        Also, I think she uses a different director for each film clip.

      • obreerbo says:

        See, now my opinion of her is kind of just the opposite. A lot of her music is quite catchy, and decent enough for modern dance tracks. But her image, including that on her videos, is...well...just plain weird.

        • lafinjack says:

          You expect non-weirdness from the lovechild of Bowie and Kaufman?

        • ekesobriquet says:

          I'm with you on this. It's weird in a "meh...that's odd" way. Also, the extreme whoredom. I just enjoy the catchiness of the tunes.

        • boyofish says:

          Agreed! Her music is fine enough for catchy dance music, but I'm pretty confused about her image - she comes across as so wildly desperate to be sexy that it completely backfires, and the wonky costumes just don't help at all.

          She's about as sexy as a turnip. A turnip with, admittedly, an excellent singing voice (as shown on those acoustic youtube clips), but a turnip nevertheless.

          Ah, well. I'm not the target demographic anyway.

      • dagbrown says:

        I quite like her when she accidentally falls out of character and Stefanie Germanotta comes roaring out instead.

  2. strspn says:

    I would be willing to hang out with her in the 2010 of the 1972 future.

  3. jayp39 says:

    You may have already seen this, but as much as I hate Lady Gaga this was fun:

    (RAH)² (AH)³ + [ROMA (1+MA)] + (GA)² + (OOH)(LA)²

    (via @missdestructo on Twitter if anyone cares)

  4. headlouse says:

    Can't stand her music. But unlike y'all I love her image. Red crown gown she wore the music awards was amazing. And I particularly love the reaction on Eminem's face which seems like... "what the hell is wrong with this woman?"