how deep does this navel go?

There are 15,740 social media gurus on Twitter.
445 social media gurus
12 viral marketing gurus
340 internet marketing gurus
20 new media marketing gurus
41 digital marketing gurus
68 social media stars
8112 social media marketers
2091 social media consultants
807 social media experts
931 social media strategists
576 social media agencies
79 social media ninjas
626 social media companies
271 social media marketing specialists
560 internet marketing specialists
154 internet marketing agencies
401 digital marketing agencies
206 digital marketing strategists
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17 Responses:

  1. mcfnord says:

    we're in good hands! or are we?

  2. nosrialleon says:

    My God... It's full of douchebags!

  3. taskboy3000 says:

    I despise the term "ninja" for anything other than an ancient Japanese assassin.

  4. oldtactics says:

    approximately 12/15740 add me to twitter every week.

    • humble_fool says:

      Keeps the follower/following ratio stable, at least. Does twitter still limit that? I know they did when I signed up -- you couldn't follow something like a power of ten more people than were following you or something.

  5. antifuchs says:

    I suppose you need to be a combinatorics guru to see the flaw in the math there. Adding the numbers up like that completely discounts the possibility of social media ninja/internet marketing guru multiclasses.

  6. pikuorguk says:

    There are also 596 people who claim to do SEO Optimization, some of whom have wonderful descriptions like this:

    I am a real estate investor. I am interested in Mind-Set & Subconscious Influence, Branding, Internet Marketing Systems and SEO/Social Media Optimization.


    SEO consultant for web sites, blogs. SEO is not my job, it is my CAREER. 15 yrs experience sitting on my ass optimizing the digital world.

    ... so this particular moron has spent 15 years sitting on his backside, "optimizing the digital world". And here's me thinking you couldn't get paid for surfing for porn.

  7. spoonyfork says:

    The Fortune 15 company I work for hired a couple of these people. So far the value they have brought to the table consists of tweets and yams exclaiming the need for a social media presense else the company will be left behind. They proceed to retweet and reyam their brothers and sisters saying the same thing. They celebrate when a vp tweets for the first (and last) time. Mostly hameless so far, except their salary. The damage had been convincing the envious to abandon internal email, forums, mailing lists, and other "classic" internety communication tools in favor of the tweet or blog. Wrapped in the useless shroud of a poor SharePoint implementation and an open public Internet connection they call for the demise of past and currently successful CSM and EDM systems in favor of leveraging an external cloud system that is decoupled, insecure, and without accountablity or a sustainable funding/support model.

    It is as if the new IT infrastructure paradigm is based on a Miami event promotions company street team business model. God help us.

  8. recursive says:

    And a douchebag in a pear tree.