dnalounge update

DNA Lounge update, wherein we make our saving throw against Gypsy Curse.

11 Responses:

  1. dan_lane says:

    That sign could only be improved by adding fire... is there a permit for flame-shooting signs?

  2. etfb says:

    When the Big One finally hits in the next couple of days, and San Francisco slides into the Pacific Ocean, we'll know which particular gypsy curse is responsible. You fool! You've doomed usthem all!

  3. kfringe says:

    Aren't you a little worried that this will confuse your regular customers? Not to mention your employees?

    • elusis says:

      We'll all be milling about in the street.
      "Where's the front door?"
      "That can't possibly be it - the sign must be meant to trick us. Everyone knows DNA Lounge is constitutionally barred from having a sign."
      "But my iPhone says it's right here!"
      "Clearly jwz has hacked Skynet's map program."

  4. vordark says:

    That is a sweet sign, but I fear for you. Not only is there a sign-specific curse, but it's been proven already that you can't have nice things.

    Assuming your theory of the universe tending toward maximum irony is true, my money is on Bad Things happening to the sign before you're even open again.

    Still, that's really sweet.

    • I think Vegas bookies will agree with me that the odds of the DNA reopening at all have gotten substantially worse as a result of the sign going up.

  5. fantasygoat says:

    This good news confuses and frightens me.

  6. ritcey says:

    I _just_ noticed the goatse.cx reference in the temporary sign. Well done, sir, well done.